Le jour se lèvera (2020)




“Fred Baptiste had written to them a few months earlier to “ unite in a single revolutionary bloc all the living forces in exile.” “There is no freedom without revolution, he said. It takes blood to make the world a better place. Haiti can and must survive, but the dictatorial duvalierist government cannot and must not survive in Haiti.” The armed subgroup of Jeune Haiti would open a second front in Grande-Anse to create a breach and lend a hand to that of Fred and Rennel. In this way, they would make it look like a multiple attack and force the regime to deploy the country's military resources in two places at once.

Towards the end of July, Jeune Haiti gathered the thirteen volunteers for the next expedition. Responding to the call, Henri suspended his current activities to join his volunteer friends in Florida without saying anything to his uncle Gaston and his aunt Marie-Rose and without notifying the University. He neatly tidied his room and took advantage of his hosts' outing to furtively leave.”


This story brings to life the courageous adventure of thirteen young Haitians who tried, during the summer of 1964, to overthrow Papa Doc. Inspired by real events, this novel ultimately brings these heroes out of oblivion. Gabriel Osson is also the author of the poignant story of child domestic service in Haiti, Hubert, le restavèk (David, 2017).




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