Hubert, le Restavèk (2017)




Hubert, a restavèk, who spent his childhood in Jérémie, is entrusted to an aunt in Port-au-Prince by her parents. In turn, the aunt will hand him over to the Mirevoix, forcing him to "stay with" them and ... to serve them. This is where his ordeal begins. After suffering abuse of all kinds, Hubert ran away. In the street, he will be recruited by a gang and befriended one of its members, Gégé, then with the girls of the Club, in particular Maria-Helena, who will become his companion and help him to get out of this environment.

The story of Hubert is also that of hundreds of thousands of children who, despite the abolition of the phenomenon of restavèks in 2003, continue to be exploited and forced to work in subhuman conditions in many households in Haiti.


" “The boat is slowly leaving Jérémie's wharf. My heart is struggling, big in my chest. Tears roll down my cheeks. My mother's height is getting smaller and smaller en more, so as not to become just a small dot on the horizon. I stand there at the back of the boat staring at this point until it disappears completely from my sight. I’m on my way to a new adventure that I’ve dreamed of for months, but I’m still anxious about the unknown."


Campaign 400,000 copies

All the author’s proceed from the sale of this book will be given to organisations helping children in domesticity in Haiti.

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