Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I grew up in Montreal and live in Toronto, so my paintings largely reflect my Canadian experience.

I have been painting since I was little. My love of painting is the result of chance, as a child we didn't have a lot of money and every year at Christmas I wrote to Santa Claus asking him for a red bicycle like the one I saw displayed in a shop window 's store. But every year Santa Claus brings me watercolors paint and a coloring book. As I cried, I picked up my present and spent hours filling in the pages.

Then, I started copying postcards and once I arrived in Montreal, I got a small set of oil paints as a gift and I had fun, for lack of other medium, to paint on 3 x 5 notecards anything that caught my eye. I had to wait several years later to take up the brushes again at the instigation of a work colleague and to make a series of paintings inspired by Quebec’s landscapes and still life which were the subject of my first exhibition/sale in a craft fair. While I liked the experience, I didn't appreciate the mercantile aspect of having to negotiate prices with customers. Even though I've learned to deal with it over time, I'm still not comfortable with this part. I’d rather have someone else selling my paintings rather than me.

I have always carried out my activities as a painter in parallel with my writing. The production periods have varied over time. Some years are better than others, mostly those when I had an exhibition in view, that will see me more active, whereas afterwards my daily life takes over and painting a second place but never too far. Self-taught, I use acrylic as a medium of choice, after having developed an allergy to turpentine. I prefer an eclectic style and paint almost any subject ranging from abstract to figurative sometimes mixing the two on different mediums.

I like to use colors straight from the tube or jar often without mixing them. I don't always know what it will be like before I start a painting. I do very few sketches except for more geometric paintings which starts with drawings. I also host a weekly radio show Franco Découvertes on CHOQ FM radio in Toronto, in addition to sitting on several boards of directors.

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