An ear for Lexie

My name is Lexie. I am a beautiful 17 month old little girl. The day I was born, my mom noticed that one of my ears was smaller than the other and that my auditory canal was absent. This has the consequence that I can only hear with one ear. So my mom installed a hearing aid to help me develop to my full potential. During her research, my mom discovered that doctors in California have the technologies that would allow me to undergo an operation that would allow me to have the ear I was supposed to have when I was born. I would finally have an auditory canal, which would allow me to have an easier life and my mom dreams for that. In Quebec, these types of interventions are not practiced. This operation is expensive ($200 000 that will be used to pay the cost of the operation, the medical follow-ups and a place to stay.) Every $5 donation brings me closer to this dream. Would you help me so that my mom can take the trip with me and allow me to hear from both of my ears for the first time in my life?
For each donation of $ 25 or more, you will become eligible for a print of a reproduction of the Floraison painting below numbered and signed by the artist Gabriel Osson. The draw will take place each time we reach a fundraising target of $ 1,500. Thank you for participating often and for giving generously to the "An Ear for Lexie" project.
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